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Our company is a collective of amazing people striving to build a future of clean alternative energy solutions.

Developing alternative energy sources offers the potential to meet humanity’s development needs but in a way that considers also the protection of the environment

Electrical grids were built for the 20th century. Straining and under pressure, aging infrastructure often runs at capacity – putting utilities and businesses at heightened risk. Power fluctuations and extended downtime can be disastrous.
Today’s connected world needs 21st century power. Extreme weather, blackouts, and other disruptions present imminent threats to our data, to our assets, to our health, to our safety and security, and to our ability to operate effectively. Fuel cell solutions deliver unparalleled reliability, stability, and sustainability – providing certainty in an uncertain world.

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Telecom and broadcast providers must have tools to keep networks operational,  no matter what. Power continues to be one of the most crucial requirements and a main operating expense.


In our connected world, power outages are increasingly disruptive to consumers and businesses. Reliable and cost-effective fuel cell backup power solutions keep circuit breaker auto reclosers operational at substations and allow quicker power distribution to end users. Utilities and large organizations with private substations are turning to GenCell for reliable backup power solutions that accelerate the redistribution of electricity after an outage.


In a world where power outages are an increasing part of our reality, commercial and industrial entities are taking proactive steps to ensure their access to clean, reliable backup power supply.


Remote locations often have limited or no access to the electrical power needed to drive communications infrastructure and essential services. Today, more than 1.1 billion people, 14% of the world’s population, still lack electricity, telecom and basic services. Our off-grid renewable energy solutions leverage innovative fuel cell technology using an inexpensive and easily accessible liquid fuel–ammonia—to provide emission-free, reliable power for remote telecom towers, rural electrification and more.


For utilities and many businesses, the cost of power fluctuations can be substantial and the damage of extended downtime can be catastrophic. Fuel Cell power solutions offer unsurpassed reliability to deliver backup powerwhen you need it, affordable for the telecom, utilities, homeland security, healthcare and automated industries.

About Us

We are a privately-owned and operated alternative power solutions company based in Mandurah, Western Australia. We have worked with a wealth of residential, commercial and industrial customers throughout Australia and Asia to deliver a real difference, not only financially, but also in terms of minimising the ecological impact on our planet.

By reducing carbon emissions and lowering electricity costs, our clients receive scalable, flexible renewable power options to suit their business and offgrid needs


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