Alternative Energy for a changing world

Diversity + Values

At Alternate Energy we are committed to strengthening our position and leadership in the global energy market by following the guiding principles of excellence, honesty, and innovation. We uphold and instill these core values into our staff and supply chain partners to ensure we deliver consistent unparalleled services and results in each and every project we take on, with our “CAN DO” approach.


As an international operating company, Interlink Power values and respects diversity in and outside the workplace. We proactively cultivate a culture of respect within our organisation, and we extend it to all our clients, partners, and third-party suppliers.


We believe in a fair and honest market as we believe this can help stimulate further growth and innovation in the industry. On our part, we promote honesty in all our corporate dealings and corporate governance. Our aim is to foster the development of new technologies, processes, and ideas through honest means, and position ourselves as an honest and reliable company, partner, and service provider.


Transparent record keeping is essential in any professional partnership. This ensures that resources are being allocated towards the benefit and fulfilment of the business agreement, we ensure to accurately record transactions and dealings for future reference and review and compliance. Furthermore, this information is protected by comprehensive security procedures to guarantee privacy.


We set ourselves a high standard of honesty,delivery and reliability, which is evident in every partnership we build. We work hard to ensure we fulfill our commitments within mutually agreed timeframes and resources. Our company goes the extra mile to make sure all our services meet industry standards and comply with the highest ethical and moral standards.